Scooter in Playa del Carmen. Electric Start 49cc Mini Motorcycle Bike Small Sports Car Petrol Scooter

Electric start  49CC mini motorcycle bike  small sports car petrol scooter

Vehicle size: 1.06 m * width 0.45 m * height 0.6 m

Engine type: two-stroke structure —

Fuel: Gasoline-92-93-95-97+ motorcycle oil lubrication engine.

Start mode: start by hand

Tire model: front wheel 90/90*6.5 rear wheel 350/6.5

Top speed: 65km

Mailbox volume: 2L

Use site description: This car is an entertainment model, it is recommended to use a dedicated venue, or play in a place with few people.




  Scooter in Playa del Carmen. HP-Ebike White Color Two Wheel Electric Scooter with Pedal Assist (EC03)

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